Bernheim has CONNECTed with RUX

By Claude Stephens

Live Performances at Sunset Amphitheatre
Live Performances at Sunset Amphitheatre

Over the years, the annual CONNECT event has earned a special place in the hearts of the community as “that funky night around Lake Nevin where all kinds of weird stuff happens.”  This is the 8th year of the festival if you count that one year we had to shut things down mid stream because of a freak lightning storm.  It’s where nature, science and art collide. Oft times literally.

This year we are adding an exciting new connection to CONNECT.  Bernheim is partnering with the Kentucky Rural-Urban Exchange (RUX) project. The Kentucky – Rural-Urban Exchange is a statewide partnership with Art of the Rural and Appalshop.  The whole idea of RUX is to bring rural and urban communities across all regions of the state into communication with each other to build a network of community innovators that integrate Kentucky’s many cultures into strategies to build a shared social and economic future.  Bernheim believes that nature has a voice that can benefit that effort.  It’s a win-win that you will be able to see for yourself – Saturday, August 27, 6:18-10:18 p.m (There’s a story behind those times – can you guess?)

Leading up to CONNECT, the Bernheim website will highlight a few of the RUX musicians and spoken word artists that will be featured at CONNECT this year.   This is exciting stuff!  Make yourself a part of this collision. Here’s the entire list of RUX performers scheduled for this year’s event.  Stay tuned for more information about them.


  • John Haywood and Kevin Howard, Traditional and Old Time music from Eastern Kentucky
  • Anna Krippenstaple and Heather Summers,  Louisville-based traditional modern folk as The Other Years
  • Nathan Blake Lynn, Traditional Kentucky music and riverboat songs from Western Kentucky
  • Lance Newman, Spoken word artist from Louisville
  • Samuel “Snacks” Hawkins, Spoken word artist from Western Kentucky


Other performers not included with RUX include:

  • Billy Goat Strut Revue with vocalist Carly Johnson, Antique jazz with a splash of Kentucky
  • kRi Magesty, Spoken word artist
  • Pati Kele Drum Ensemble, African/World drumming and dancing
  • Camera Lucida, Experimental music and dance troupe

A special thank you to our media sponsor for CONNECT, WFPK Louisville.

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