Bernheim Forest expands 2022 Artist in Residence program

By Amy Joseph Landon

Source: The Pioneer News
November 1, 2021

CLERMONT — Bernheim Forest is expanding its Artist in Residence program to include an annual call for an Environmental Artist in Residence.

Artists are invited to address environmental themes such as excess heat, drought, flooding, extreme weather events, food insecurity, displacement, environmental justice, and loss of biodiversity, among others. The goal of the expanded program is to encourage visual artists to examine environmental and climate issues to promote dialogue and positive change for the natural environment and the world at large.

Bernheim Arts in Nature Curator Jenny Zeller said complex issues like climate change can be overwhelming to comprehend, but art can help.

“Art can cut through this complex data, making it vivid and accessible in helping people better understand the science behind climate change and global warming,” she said. “The goal of the Environmental Artist in Residence is to establish deep connections to the natural world, raise awareness around the problems facing our environment and to get more people talking about climate change, which is critical to inspiring action.”

The call for Bernheim’s Environmental Artist in Residence is now open in conjunction with its Artist in Residence program, which has been bringing artists to Bernheim for more than 40 years.

Applications are chosen through a two-tiered juried process and brought to an esteemed panel of regional curators, alumni artists, and arts leaders where final selections are made. Criteria that reviewers consider for each application includes artistic excellence, relativity to Bernheim’s mission of connecting people to nature, and accessibility of the work to Bernheim visitors, among others.

Up to four artists are selected for residencies at Bernheim on an annual basis, each with a stipend of $2500. One residency is dedicated to a regional artist currently living in Kentucky or in Clark and Floyd counties of Southern Indiana.

One residency is dedicated to an artist whose work addresses environmental issues and climate change.

The selected artists will live at Bernheim for six to eight weeks in 2022, where they are encouraged to explore new avenues in the creation of nature-inspired artet by discovering opportunities for overcoming them.

To apply or learn more about the Artist in Residence program, visit Bernheim will accept artists’ entries through Dec. 15, 2021.

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