Bernheim continues to defend our land in Bullitt Circuit Court on Tuesday, January 10

By Andrew Berry

Cedar Grove on the site of the proposed pipeline.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, January 10), Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest continues defending our Cedar Grove Wildlife Corridor from LG&E/PPL in a “Right to Take” case in Bullitt County Circuit Court. This hearing is expected to last 2-4 days.

We are proud of our efforts, and those of our neighbors and fellow community members to hold LG&E/PPL accountable to their antiquated business-as-usual plans and projects which contribute to climate change and biodiversity loss.

Bernheim values the health and prosperity of people in communities throughout this region. Studies indicate that clean air, water, abundant beauty, and natural land are critical to the physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing of people, as well as to the health of wildlife populations.

The proposed natural gas pipeline would destroy rare and endangered species’ habitat, pollute and add sedimentation to streams and springs, further depressing wildlife populations.  Additionally, the pipeline would pump hydrocarbons for 70+ years, adding to the disastrous effects of climate change on wildlife and human communities.

It is shocking that a private, for-profit corporation can sue to break conservation easements and deed restrictions held by the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. LG&E/PPL is trying to use eminent domain to take Bernheim land for a proposed natural gas pipeline in spite of a conservation easement and conservation deed restrictions, the biodiversity loss catastrophe and the escalating climate change crisis.

LG&E/PPL is putting short-term profit over the health and long-term economic interests of future generations.  We encourage LG&E/PPL to find clean, sustainable sources of energy to meet community growth, while protecting natural land, water, and biodiversity in central Kentucky.

We ask LG&E to consider clean alternatives and do the right thing for sustainable energy, economy, and communities, as well as the health of wildlife and humans.

Regardless of the outcome of this case, other outstanding issues beyond Bernheim such as permitting, rising costs, and route instability will also affect the future of this proposed natural gas pipeline.

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