Bernheim at 90: Celebrating the Dogwood Collection

By Hannah Hunt

Spring at Bernheim with Dogwoods in bloomFeaturing everything from native woodland species to exotic cultivars, the Dogwoods are perhaps one of Bernheim’s most beloved collections. Dogwoods are an excellent understory (meaning the the trees and shrubs between the forest canopy and the ground cover tree) and a multitude of cultivars are available on the market.

Cherokee Brave Dogwood

Many people recognize the signature bark pattern and white flowers of the dogwood, but flowers can range from pink to rosy to even yellow. ‘Appalachian spring’ was found growing wild at the Camp David Presidential retreat in Maryland and was developed as a cultivar by the breeding program at University of Tennessee. It boasts the signature white bloom in the spring. ‘Cherokee brave’ has a pink bloom that sets it apart from the collection. Perhaps our most unique variety, ‘wolf eyes’, displays prominent variegated foliage.

Flowering Dogwood

The Dogwood collection is expanding this year thanks to a grant from J. Frank Schmidt, and visitors can expect to see new plantings in the spring.

Come visit these and other Dogwood specimens as we celebrate our 90th anniversary here at Bernheim!

  •  Cornus florida (flowering dogwood)
  • Cornus florida ‘Appalachian Spring’
  • Cornus florida ‘Cherokee brave’
  • Cornus florida ‘cloud 9’
  • Cornus kousa (kousa dogwood)
  • Cornus kousa ‘bonfire’
  • Cornus kousa ‘china girl’
  • Cornus kousa ‘dwarf pink’
  • Cornus kousa ‘milky way’
  • Cornus kousa ‘square dance’
  • Cornus kousa var. chinensis ‘Milkyway’
  • Cornus mas (Cornelian Cherry)
  • Cornus sanguinea ‘Midwinter Fire’ (bloodtwig dogwood)
  • Cornus x rutgersensis ‘Rutgan’ Stellar Pink TM (dogwood hybrid)

In 2019, Bernheim celebrates 90 years of connecting people with nature. At over 25 square miles, Bernheim is the largest privately held forest dedicated to conservation and education in the region. Our arboretum is home to plant collections of over 8,000 varieties, public art, and educational programming for thousands of students.  Our pristine forest hosts hikers and outdoor adventures alongside research and conservation projects which will serve to protect the environment for future generations.

As a 100% member and donor supported organization, we could not fulfill this important mission without you. We hope you’ll continue to support our efforts throughout the next 90 years.  Join or donate by clicking here.

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