Bernheim at 90: Celebrating the Crabapple Collection

By Bernheim

The crabapple collection on Crabapple Hill near the main entrance was planted in 1952 and is a part of the original Olmsted plan. Since then, the crabapple collection has been refined to only contain only the most beautiful, disease-resistant specimens. Crabapple trees boast red, pink, or white blooms on low-hanging branches in the spring, making for a breathtaking display. In the fall and into winter, bright red berries continue the spectacle and provide winter interest as well as a food source for birds.

Some of the most prized crabapple specimens in the collection include the ‘prairifire’, ‘red splendor’, and ‘satin cloud’. These varieties are prized for their brilliant foliage and superior growing performance.

Come visit these and other Crabapple specimens as we celebrate our 90th anniversary here at Bernheim!

  • Malus ‘Anne E’
  • Malus ‘Cardinal’s Robes’
  • Malus ‘Coralburst’
  • Malus ‘Crimson Brilliant’
  • Malus ‘David’
  • Malus ‘Donald Wyman’
  • Malus ‘Dorothea’
  • Malus ‘Freeman’
  • Malus ‘Hargozam’ Harvest Gold TM
  • Malus ‘Henry Dupont’
  • Malus ‘Kirk’
  • Malus ‘Lullaby’
  • Malus ‘Molazam’ Molten Lava TM
  • Malus ‘Orange Crush’
  • Malus ‘Pink Cascade’
  • Malus ‘Pond White’
  • Malus ‘Prairie Maid’
  • Malus ‘Ruth Ann’
  • Malus sargentii
  • Malus sargentii ‘Tina’
  • Malus ‘Velvetcole’ Velvet Pillar

In 2019, Bernheim celebrates 90 years of connecting people with nature. At over 25 square miles, Bernheim is the largest privately held forest dedicated to conservation and education in the region. Our arboretum is home to plant collections of over 8,000 varieties, public art, and educational programming for thousands of students.  Our pristine forest hosts hikers and outdoor adventures alongside research and conservation projects which will serve to protect the environment for future generations.

As a 100% member and donor supported organization, we could not fulfill this important mission without you. We hope you’ll continue to support our efforts throughout the next 90 years.  Join or donate by clicking here.

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