Become a Member, Plant a Tree

By Cadell Walker

red maple treeEven though Bernheim treats every day like Earth Day, we wanted to add an additional celebration this year. If you haven’t heard, Bernheim is celebrating trees throughout the spring in conjuntion with Vanishing Acts: Trees Under Threat, a traveling exhibit from the Morton Arboretum. The exhibit demonstrates the plight of trees and trees importance to the environment and humankind. One great way to protect trees is to plant them, and we can help.

Thanks to a generous donation from UPS, Bernheim has a special offer for new members. While supplies last, new members can take home a sapling of red maple, red oak, or black gum to plant in your own back yard. Trees can be picked up at the Bernheim Visitor Center. Limit one tree per family.

Still looking for a way to show your appreciation for trees? Don’t miss the Bernheim Big Tree Hug Challenge on June 4, where we will try and break the Guinness World Record for people hugging trees at the same time.

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