Artist Jayson Fann arrives at Bernheim to Build a Spirit Nest for Zone 2 of Playcosystem

By Jenny Zeller

Jayson Fann, human nest builder (and so much more!) has arrived at Bernheim.

Bernheim is excited to announce the arrival of interdisciplinary artist, educator, musician and producer Jayson Fann from Big Sur, California. Jayson has been commissioned to create our next big art installation for Zone 2 of Bernheim’s Playcosystem, a 10-acre natural playground, designed to inspire free play and life-long connections with nature.

Imagine life as a bird in this soon to be built human-sized bird nest/tree house!

Located near the Pines Picnic Area, Jayson Fann’s Spirit Nest will serve not only as an interactive play/art experience, but also as a dynamic staging area for story-telling, musical performances and outdoor educational programming that supports his passion for deeply connecting to the natural world, the history of this land and cross-cultural bridge-building in the community.




Watch the artist at work from May 17 – June 11. Be sure to take lots of photos and share them with us @bernheimforest and use #BernheimSpiritNest

Volunteer opportunities to work with Jayson are available by contacting Ida Brown or by registering on Volunteer Hub.

An example of a Jayson’s Spirit Nests, created for the Basalt Public Library outside of Aspen, Colorado.  Our nest will be made from harvested eucalyptus in California as well as hardwoods from Bernheim and locally sourced driftwood from the Salt River and the Falls of the Ohio.


Jayson Fann has created over fifty Spirit Nests across the United States and in multiple countries with notable commissions by the National Institute of Children’s Health Hospital, Pacific Grove Natural History Museum, University of California Santa Cruz Arboretum, and the Basalt Public Library outside of Aspen, CO. His work in music and sculpture has been featured in numerous articles, including the New York Times, Condé Nast, and World Architecture News. Bernheim is excited to be the first to present his work within the seven state area, popularizing public art in Kentucky and increasing the region’s cultural vitality.

92 years ago, when I. W. Bernheim’s purchased 13,300 acres of land as a gift to the people of Kentucky, part of his vision was that this land would be “a place for the people of Kentucky to further their love of the beautiful in nature and in art.”

We hope to see you over the coming weeks as we watch our Spirit Nest grow.

Want to become a sponsor? We have a sponsorship level for all budgets. Contact Alicia Feldman, Corporate Partnership Manager, via email or by calling (502) 215-7139 to learn more.


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