Art and Music Collide in Incredible Sun Boxes Sculpture at CONNECT

By Amy Joseph Landon

Craig Colorusso brings his Nationally Known Piece to Bernheim

Every year CONNECT at Bernheim finds new, unique ways to intersect art, nature and science for one unforgettable event. This year’s festival is uniting art and music in an astonishing way that few eyes or ears have ever experienced. Nationally known installation artist, Craig Colorusso, will present his solar powered sound sculpture, Sun Boxes.

Sun Boxes
Sun Boxes

The amazing work is comprised of 20 speakers that are operated independently, each being powered by the sun via solar panels. A different loop is set to play a guitar note in individual boxes continuously, which offers a Bb chord collectively. Listeners are said to immediately feel at ease and energized by the music, adjectives often used to describe yoga or meditation.

Due to differing lengths of each loop, the chord slowly develops over time until the sounds continuously overlap. Such evolution of the piece allows participants to slow down and notice the subtleties of the composition unfold, offering a much needed break from the technology and hustle of day-to-day life.

Colorusso’s piece was the subject of the award-winning documentary INSTALL, which enters profiles the artists’ world as an installation artist who is transforming the environment through sculpture, light and sound. Click here to watch the trailer.

Be sure you don’t miss this year’s CONNECT at Bernheim, August 24 from 6:24-10:24. Along with Sun Boxes, participants will enjoy art displays and demonstrations around Lake Nevin, live bands, films, food, and drinks. See you at CONNECT!


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