Arbor Day Adopt A Tree

By Amy Joseph Landon

Syringa-tree-BFBernheim is celebrating Arbor Day a little early this year! Join us April 11 as we celebrate the love of trees as a part of our Smart Gardens and Landscapes program. Come out and choose a tree to plant in your landscape to enjoy for years to come. Those in attendance will have the opportunity to speak with knowledgeable horticulturists about proper planting techniques and tree care.

Trees are available at no cost, but donations are welcome. Proceeds go towards helping Bernheim connect people with nature.

Help us to increase the canopy of our surrounding community and celebrate the coming of a new spring season!

See below for the Arbor Day Adopt A Tree Species List (common names):

Eastern white pine
flowering dogwood
silky dogwood
wild plum
river birch
Kentucky coffeetree
Eastern redbud
bur oak
willow oak

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