And The Black Bear's Name Is . . . .

By Amy Joseph Landon

Bear Trail Cam 3BERNIE!

Thanks to all who voted! With 56% of the vote, our Black Bear will now be called Bernie. We welcome Bernie to the Bernheim community and look forward to more sightings.


If you’re hiking at Bernheim, and you’re lucky enough to spot him, feel free to try and take a photo, but please do not approach him. He is not likely to try and approach you, but if he does, make lots of noise and act big. Usually bears are shy and will turn the other way when they hear you coming (they have a great sense of hearing and smell). If you are lucky enough to spot him, please let us know. We’d love to know his how he’s moving through the forest.

Be sure to stop by the Gift Shop for a Bernie souvenir.

Watch the naming announcement here:


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