A Very Veggie Holiday and Isaac’s Café Specials: November 20

By Bernheim

Typically, this time of year has me thinking about what to make for Thanksgiving dinner and apparently the weekend lineup on NPR (National Public Radio) was with me.  Now that’s not unusual, but what surprised me this Sunday as I listened was how many of the programs discussed meatless options.  They weren’t just talking about new twist on family favorites like green bean casserole or Grandma’s stuffing, but alternatives to the iconic Thanksgiving turkey.   I am always trying to come up with meat-free alternatives for myself and for Meatless Mondays at Isaac’s Café but to hear this discussed multiple times in one day on national programs had me really excited.

I’ve been speaking about this shift towards more sustainable, healthy eating every chance I get at Bernheim. It may be when I have a large captive audience  that I have just catered a meal for, a program in our Edible Garden, or in conversations with visitors who are amazed at the alternatives that Isaac’s Café offers to those looking for vegan and vegetarian options.  Many of our visitors are just looking for healthy alternatives to fast food and wanting to incorporate more vegetables.  The phrase “veggie-centric” was used several times during those radio programs and I realized that is the perfect way to describe what we try to do at Isaac’s Café every day.  Any time you opt for more veggies, especially if they are locally grown, you are doing both your body and the planet a favor.

Stop in today for our Meatless Monday special:  A Baltimore Hearts (it is made with hearts of palm instead of crab) Krab Cakes, baked beans and purple cabbage cole slaw for just $6.95!  Don’t forget, we have a “veggie-centric” soup everyday!

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