A Taste of the Forest: Isaac’s Café Specials, January 23-27

By Kathy Hart

1-23-17 Special Soup SandwichI recently heard an NPR TED talk regarding our five senses (you may have heard it as well). Nicole Garneau, argued that there are more than the five categories of taste we were taught in school, (bitter, sweet, sour, salty and my personal favorite, umami).  Her research brought her to the conclusion that fat should be included as a category.  As someone who places such a strong emphasis on taste, I’m all for expanding our scope of what and how we taste.

I like to think that these five or possibly six elements of taste are like a musical ensemble, each contributing to the overall symphony of flavors in a dish.  By using local, sustainable, fresh ingredients, you get the clearest and most harmonious taste possible.  At Isaac’s Café, we pride ourselves on creating one of a kind soups, sides and sandwiches utilizing vegetables and herbs from Bernheim’s Edible Garden.

By having a Café right in the heart of Bernheim Forest at the Visitor Center, you can enjoy a full day without leaving the park or just come over for a quick bite on your lunch break.   If you have never eaten at Isaac’s Café, I encourage you to come and enjoy a concert of flavors and who knows, you may discover the taste of the forest.

This week’s $6.95 special:  A cup of homemade soup with a different sandwich each day and your choice of tea or lemonade.

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