By Amy Joseph Landon

We all want to be good environmental stewards and treat our environment with care, but we may not know the best ways to do so. That’s where #10WaysTuesday comes in.

Follow Bernheim’s social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – @bernheimforest) to learn a new way to help the environment. Each Tuesday, one of a series of 10 ways to do something (i.e. improve air quality) will be shared. When all ten have been released, check back here to see the full list. We will then start over with a new theme.

Each week, we invite you to share what you’re doing to help the environment as well. Send us your photos, videos, artwork, etc of what you’re doing to use one of the 10 Ways in your daily life (you can either share via facebook, twitter, instagram or send us an email). When all 10 Ways have been revealed, everyone who participated will be entered into a drawing for a delicious, garden-fresh lunch at Isaac’s Cafe and a hike with Bernheim’s Executive Director, Mark Wourms.


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