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Earth Measure by Matt Weir – Installation Day One

Matt arrives to install Earth Measure.  Check out those Bernheim decals.

Matt arrives to install Earth Measure. Check out those Bernheim decals.

Sculptor Matt Weir, commissioned by an anonymous donor to develop a memorial for Barry Bingham Jr., is installing his massive Earth Measure at Bernheim over the next three days.  The sculpture is a landscape scale installation that includes monolithic geometric shapes constructed of limestone blocks milled at Indiana Limestone.  He is assisted by helper Ezra Kellerman, a crane crew from Padgett Inc. and Bernheim staff.  It’s located on the edge of the Big Prairie near the Education Center.  When completed this will be Bernheim’s largest sculpture other than the land itself.  Here’s a slideshow of the installation process on April 9th, 2013.


Matt Weir arrives ready to install Earth Measure
A crane and crew from Padgett are on site ready to move stone.
Prior to installation concrete footers were poured.
Large limestone blocks from Indiana Limestone were cut to order and trucked to Bernheim.
The stone is lifted off the truck with a massive crane.
Up and over to the footer.
Steel pins are put in place with epoxy.
The stone is lowered into place to check for fit.
Ice is put beneath the stone to allow the straps to be removed and the block to be shifted into final position.
The second stone is lifted for placement.
The second stone is checked for fit.
Straps and wenches help shift the stone into place.


  1. I’m excited to see Matt’s piece progress. He looks like he’s off to a great start. The best to Matt and this impressive project.