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Isaac’s Cafe Fall Break Lunch Menu

Ratattouille soup 8-20-15

Looking for the perfect fall break destination? Look no further than Bernheim to bask in the beauty of fall. The leaves are starting to change, cool mornings give way to pleasant afternoons, and Bernheim is harvesting from our Edible Garden. Traveling literally 500 steps, much of the menu at Isaac's Cafe is made of produce from the garden. With … [Read more]

Grocery Shop in Support of Bernheim

Environmentally Friendly Jute Bag

Bernheim is excited to announce two new ways of giving. The best part is that you don’t have to do anything extra to have an impact. If you go grocery shopping, you can support Bernheim’s mission of connecting people with nature. The first way is to connect your Kroger Plus Card to their Community Rewards program. Through this program, a small … [Read more]

Trails from the Bent Twig Trail: National History and Medical Mystery

white snakeroot 2

This angelic looking wildflower may have shaped our history as a nation. White snakeroot, Ageratina altissima (formally Eupatorium rugosum) is common along the Bent Twig Trail and is in full bloom right now. This perennial wildflower is viewed by most authorities as the likely culprit in the mysterious illness known as milk sickness, which led to … [Read more]

Tales from the Bent Twig Trail: Spicebush Larva Update


The Bent Twig Trail is changing with the season. Signs of it are everywhere! The forest floor is already splashed with colorful leaves. There is that wonderful slant of light with its long shadows that adds mystery to the landscape and the mornings are cool enough for an extra layer. Just two weeks ago, I posted this photo of a spicebush … [Read more]

Match Your Donation to Bernheim with Give Local Louisville

Give Local Lou 2015

Bernheim is excited to join the upcoming Give Local Louisville effort, a great way to support our important mission “connecting people with nature”.  On this date, your impact will be enhanced through multiple matching gift offers. On Thursday, October 1, 2015, the Community Foundation of Louisville will host the second Give Local Louisville.  … [Read more]

Tales from Bent Twig Trail: Not All is Touchable

Tussock moth

It's often been said that the more you know, the more you realize you don't know; and just how much there is to learn. It does seem that the more I dig in and try to learn about the natural world, the more it appears that I'm just scratching the surface. But ah, isn't it a great surface to scratch?  Having said that, not every surface should be … [Read more]