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During Bernheim field trips, students are encouraged to make connections between lessons learned in the classroom and real-world phenomena observable in nature. While many of these connections are based in ecology, they also  include lessons in other sciences, language arts, social studies, and visual arts.

Field Trip Planning – FAQs

What kind of field trips does Bernheim offer?  Click here for a list of our Pre-K-12 Programs.

When can I schedule a Bernheim Field Trip?
Bernheim field trips can be scheduled year-round and require at least two weeks advanced registration.

Bernheim makes every effort to accommodate all field trip requests. However, at any point, based on the number of scheduled field trips and availability of Bernheim educators, we may be unable to accommodate your request. We suggest reserving your field trip as far in advance as possible.

How do I schedule a Bernheim Field Trip?
To schedule a Bernheim field trip, please email Nature-based Educator Dan Pascucci. Please have the following information prepared:

  • Ideal field trip date, with two back-up dates
  • Grade level and number of students
  • Program choice(s)
  • Approximate arrival and departure times

How much do Bernheim field trips cost?
Bernheim offers affordable field trip experiences for all budgets. Fees begin at $7 per student for an hour-long program (with no charge for teachers or chaperons), while options for self-guided visits are available too.

Those concerned about fees should email Nature-based Educator Dan Pascucci.

What types of field trips are offered at Bernheim?
All Bernheim field trips are nature-based. Teachers and students can participate in a variety of Bernheim programs, designed for audiences of all ages and grade levels. Groups also have the option of exploring Bernheim on their own.

How many chaperons do I need?
Bernheim requires one teacher or chaperon for every 10 students in attendance.

What should students wear during a Bernheim field trip?
Because Bernheim field trips are nature-based, all participants should dress appropriately for the season and weather. Long pants or jeans, as well as sturdy shoes, are recommended.

What happens in the event of inclement weather?
Because Bernheim field trips are nature-based, our general policy is to continue with outdoor programs in the event of rain and other non–threatening weather conditions. Teachers and other field trip coordinators are responsible for cancelling field trips in the event of inclement weather. Bernheim educators will work with teachers to reschedule or substitute programs that are cancelled due to weather.

Where is Bernheim?
Bernheim is located about 25 miles south of Louisville in Clermont, Kentucky. The main entrance to Bernheim sits one mile east of Interstate 65, just off exit 112.

Who can I contact for more information about Bernheim field trips?
For more information, please email Nature-based Educator Dan Pascucci or call (502) 955-8512.