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Exploring Animals

Wildlife diversity at Bernheim exceeds that of any time in modern history, as the woodlands, wetlands, and grasslands of Bernheim provide rich habitats for many different species.

While some animals, like white-tailed deer and wild turkey, are examples of wildlife common to Kentucky, other lesser-known species, like tiny cricket frogs and striking assassin beetles, also call Bernheim home.

Animal populations continue evolving too.

Through numerous restoration projects dating back to the 1930s, Bernheim has long played a role in wildlife reintroductions to the area. The most recent example is the reestablishment of bobwhite quail, with several coveys reported throughout the arboretum and forest.

As they are discovered, new occurrences are added to our species lists, with over 100 additions of plants and animals in the past few years alone. While inventory is ongoing, please explore the following lists of species already cataloged at Bernheim.

Animal Species Lists