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The word “ecology” comes from the Greek oikos (home, dwelling place) + logia (study of).

Within the 14,378 acres of Bernheim there are seven distinct forest types along with wetlands, glades, prairies, vernal pools and other important ecosystems.  Large blocks of protected forest are rare but large blocks of privately owned protected forest are even rarer.  What separates Bernheim from all other nature preserves in our region is our scale, and scale matters in how ecological systems function.

Bernheim’s vision is to be a nationally treasured leader in ecological stewardship.  This is carried out in many ways.  In all that we do we look to the wisdom of nature to understand our evolving role in the good stewardship of our native wild places.

Until you make Bernheim your temporary dwelling place for a day or more it would be difficult to understand how important this place is ecologically.