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The Bugs of Bernheim: Protective Resemblance

While crouching in a thicket during a game of hide-and-seek when I was about ten years old, I spied what appeared to be a thorn moving along the stem of a blackberry bramble. Taking a closer look, I noticed tiny legs beneath this “thorn” moving it along. I soon discovered that the wings folded over […]

ECO Kids Discovery Day: BugFest Celebration

As part of today’s ECO Kids experience, we encourage kids and their families to participate in as many BugFest activities as possible. Don’t leave Bernheim without dancing the Buggy Boogy, trying a chocolate-covered cricket, and making a new six-legged or eight-legged friend! On Your Own Challenge, available in the Visitor Center from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 […]


Bernheim invites you and the kids to an INSECT SAFARI in Bernheim’s big backyard! Dance the Buggy Boogie, taste the tempting Cricket Crunch, count the Pickled Ticks plus a whole host of other horrible delights. Complete schedule of events and more info on the BugFest page.