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Nature Break Themes


Choose a theme from the following Nature Break Options:

The Spirited Land (History with the emphasis on the role of Bourbon)
Experience the inspiring story of how Isaac W. Bernheim distilled the essence of his dreams and vision to create a 14,000 acre sanctuary for humans and the rest of nature.

Bernheim: A Living Legacy
Bernheim’s founder, Isaac Wolfe Bernheim, left a living legacy that continues to provide wonder, refuge and delight for more than 250,000 visitors each year. This program is similar to “The Spirited Land” program but contains a bit more history of Bernheim the place and less emphasis on Bernheim’s bourbon connection.

Nature All Around Us (The beauty of today’s Bernheim)
No matter where we live nature offers constant glimpses of inspiration, wonder and mystery. This sensory rich tour offers participants an opportunity to explore nature through the lens of art, horticulture and natural science and provides fresh insights into our enduring connections to the natural world.

Sustainable Thinking: Nature Based Design
Sustainability is the art and science of living in healthy relationship with nature. This program uses Bernheim’s environmentally intelligent Visitor Center as a jumping off point to explore the incredible design inherent in nature.

Other Nature Break tour themes are possible by prior arrangement. We will be glad to quote you a price for programs tailored to specific interests.