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Preschool Groups

Nature-based preschool programs are designed to connect early learners to nature in memorable and exciting ways:

Getting to Know Your Animal Friends
Students will be introduced to common Kentucky wildlife and the places they call home. Program includes guided exploration of the Wildlife Viewing Room, meeting a friendly Bernheim snake, and taking a walk to find animals and clues they leave behind.

Seasonal Nature Walk
Sights and sounds along this walk change seasonally, like spring songbirds and fall colors. Students will explore the Bernheim landscape and consider these changes by using their five senses, curious minds, and vivid imaginations.

Art and Nature for Wee Folk
Students will actively explore Earth Measure, our massive limestone sculpture, and take a walk to discover other art hidden in nature. Program concludes with students building bug hideouts and fairy houses, using only natural materials.

Time and Fee Considerations

  • Programs last one hour and can be scheduled year-round
  • Program fees are $7 per student, with a group minimum of $75
  • There is no charge for teachers or chaperons, but a minimum of one adult is required for every 10 students in attendance
  • Concerned about fees? Email Nature-based Educator Dan Pascucci for assistance.

Field Trip Planning
To learn more about Bernheim field trips, including how to schedule a visit, please see the Teacher Resources section of our website.