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Exploring Bernheim with Children

In our mission to connect people with nature, Bernheim provides many opportunities for children to explore and develop their own connections with the natural world.

Families, schools, and other groups that include children are encouraged to begin their Bernheim adventure at the Visitor Center, where information, maps, restrooms, water fountains, and other amenities are located.

Popular destinations within Bernheim for young visitors include:

Canopy Tree Walk

Located off Forest Hill Drive, the Canopy Tree Walk is a short boardwalk that extends into the forest canopy, leading visitors 75 feet above the forest floor. Note: Visitors do not need to hike the Iron Ore Hill Loop to access the Canopy Tree Walk.

Children’s Play Garden

Located off Guerilla Hollow Road, the Children’s Play Garden includes both traditional playground equipment, like swings and slides, as well as nature-based play features, like rolling hills, fossil-filled rocks, and a dry creek bed.

Education Center

Located off Arboretum Way, the Education Center features hands-on education exhibits, art gallery, information desk, and the Wildlife Viewing Room, where visitors can watch birds, small mammals, and an observation bee hive.

Hiking Trails

While children’s ages and abilities should be taken into account before choosing a hiking trail, sections of both the Nursery Loop Trail and the Two Ponds Loop are paved, allowing easy access for children on wheels (strollers, bikes, etc.).

I Spy Trail

Located behind the Education Center, the I Spy Trail is a scavenger hunt-type activity that encourages visitors to use their observation skills to find items that do not belong in the forest. Checklists available at the Visitor and Education Centers.