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Local Use by Local Artists


Geese on Lake Nevin

Nori Hall, Geese on Lake Nevin, 2012 Archival Digital Print, approximately 32” x 40” framed. This is part of a year long series, documenting Bernheim throughout the four seasons.


Our goal is to build cooperative relationships with local organizations, artists and art teachers and students to use Bernheim’s resources and facilities.  These may be project based, community based, school based, or directed by an individual artist or art collective.

An example of this was Inspired by Bernheim, a Plein air opportunity to utilize Bernheim’s natural beauty as the subject matter for a juried exhibition. Artists were given the opportunity to paint in the setting of their choice through out Bernheim Arboretum for the month of September 2011.  A juried selection process took place and those selected works were on view, and for sale, during a national conference in downtown Louisville. After the conference is finished, the entire show was transported and displayed at the Bernheim Arboretum for one month. This exhibition was sponsored by a partnership of three nonprofit organizations: The Cathedral Heritage Foundation, the Louisville Visual Arts Association and the Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest.

We encourage artists, art teachers and students from regional schools and universities to utilize our resources, as do museum groups and visitors from all walks of life. We provide tours of the art works, create dialog about the each artwork and its relationship with nature.

In 2013 Michael Pierre Price photographed moths and butterflies from Bernheim’s vast Insect Collection for use as source material for a series of art works. He plans on creating an exhibition in Louisville and a book.

Lexington based photographer, Nori Hall created a series of images based on Bernheim through out various seasons for an exhibition of large-scale, hand printed photographs.

We have recently asked two regional artists, Joanne Price and Shohei Katayama to participate in a Local Use by Local Artists. Joanne Price lives in Bagdad, Kentucky and is a academically trained printmaker. She will be given access to Bernheim’s extensive insect collection in order to develop a body of work based on insecta. Emerging artist Shohei Katayama lives and works in Louisville, Kentucky. He plans on creating an solar powered kinetic sculpture, with exposed moving gadgets and gears, that is interactive and encourages the exploration of the mechanical in the natural world, while also serving as a electronics charging station in the middle of the arboretum.