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CONNECTglow Sculpture Award Winners

First Annual CONNECTglow Sculpture Awards

Bernheim is pleased to announce the winners of the first annual CONNECTglow sculpture competition, which took place  during the fourth annual CONNECT event. Over 3,000 people experienced the event. Participants in CONNECTglow were challenged to create a light sculpture without the use of a generator or AC power. CONNECT is a collision of art, music, science and nature that took place exactly two before to two hours after sunset and was staged around Lake Nevin, at Bernheim.

The grand prize $1,000.00 winner is Letitia Quesenberry for her piece Glimmer which was comprised of 85 flashing barricade/traffic lights that shimmered and glimmered across the lake, spelling the word “glimmer.” Blinking at different rates and difficult to perceive up close, the word was comprehended only from a far distance. As one juror stated, ” I like that Letitia thought about a power source that did not require electricity or a generator, while still managing to bring the urban into the natural environment. It had engaging characteristics both up close and far away. It was playful and thoughtful.” Peyton’s Barricades in Jeffersonville, IN graciously donated the lights for “Glimmer.”

A second place prize of $500.00 went to Raymond Graf for his sculpture Light Line. The jury felt that “The reflective quality of Raymond’s piece was a great addition to the evening. It interacted perfectly with the lake both in it’s form and function.” Fashioned like a oversized lit fishing pole, over 40’ tall, and large, glowing bobber in the water, it wiggled and teased the water all evening. It was lit with a marine battery and solar floating orb.

We thank the thirteen participants for sharing their ingenious light sculptures and look forward to presenting this opportunity again next year.









Glimmer, by Letitia Quesenberry, CONNECTglow, 2013.