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Outdoor adventures for Older Wiser Livelier Seniors

On the first Wednesday of each month Bernheim’s talented naturalists host an outdoor experience for seniors. Beginning in the Visitor Center each O.W.L.S. program is 90 minutes of adventure learning tailored to the wisdom, pace and particulars of older audiences. Program themes change monthly.

O.W.L.S. programs create a great opportunity to enjoy the company of new and old friends in nature. Stick around after the program to have lunch at the Bernheim café with your fellow explorers. Then go home and tell your friends what fun you had so they will want to join you next month.

Time spent outdoors keeps you young. Make O.W.L.S. programs a monthly nature habit.

TIME:      First Wednesday’s from 10:30 to noon
PLACE:    Visitor Center
FEE:         Members – $5; Non-members – $8 (Registration and payment due in advance.)

Upcoming programs

Wednesday, March 6, O.W.L.S. : Early Bloomers and Signs of Spring
Wednesday, April 3, O.W.L.S.: Early Ephemerals: Wildflowers of Spring
Wednesday, May 1, O.W.L.S.: Birding Without Binoculars
Wednesday, June 5, O.W.L.S.: Gardening for Butterflies
Wednesday, July 3, O.W.L.S.: Our Green Heritage
Wednesday, August 7, O.W.L.S.: Rock Run Ramble: Learning to See Nature
Wednesday, September 4, O.W.L.S.: Mystery of Monarch Migration
Wednesday, October 2, O.W.L.S.: Autumn Trees from Top to Bottom
Wednesday, November 6, O.W.L.S.: Exploring Bernheim’s Past: Magruder Cemetary
Wednesday, December 4, O.W.L.S.: Hidden in the Hollies: Legends, Lore and More