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Frost Flowers Are Nature’s Winter Surprise


One of my favorite things about early winter is frost ribbons, or ice flowers. Frost ribbons are thin ribbons of ice that form at the base of White Wingstem and other flowers on cold nights when the sky is clear. They can range in height from 6 inches to 24 inches, and are usually more abundant in low-lying areas along streams and ditches. These … [Read more]

Delicious Traditions: Isaac’s Café Specials, December 19-23, 2016


All someone has to do is say the words, "black walnuts," and I am instantly transported to my childhood kitchen. I see myself sitting at the table with my dad, shelling these earthy, stubborn, flavor capsules that my mother would transform into the most delectable of holiday treats, like black walnut divinity or her special fruitcake that was known … [Read more]

Double the Impact of Your Gift to Bernheim


  What a year 2016 turned out to be for Bernheim! In 2016, we had the highest attendance on record with over 250,000 guests visiting the forest and in April, over 1400 people helped us to break the world record for the most people hugging trees at the same time in the same place; Bernheim grew by 333 acres in 2016, going from 14,340 to … [Read more]

Hollies for the Holidays

Of the many plants associated with the holiday season, the Holly has perhaps the oldest history of any other decorative evergreen. The use of holly in holiday tradition dates back to the Greeks and Romans, who adorned their homes with wreaths and garland made from holly boughs.  This tradition was thought to predict the outcome of the following … [Read more]

Bernheim Adds 162 Acres of Land

In case you missed it earlier this month,  162 additional acres of land are officially under Bernheim's protection for conservation. The announcement came at a special celebration on Thursday, Dec. 8 with the family of the late Raymond Thurman, the long-time Bullitt County farmer and businessman, along with over 100 community members including … [Read more]

Winter Hours Have Arrived at Bernheim


We are just days away from winter solstice and the holiday season. With these arrivals, our operating hours will vary slightly, including at the Visitor Center and Isaac's Café. Bernheim will be closed on Sunday, December 25 and Sunday, January 1. The park will be open, but buildings will be closed on Saturday, December 24.  As of November … [Read more]