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Investigating Bernheim Ants

Tree Ant Study 5-25-17

This post was written by Natural Areas Interns,  Katherine Cappel and Mikayla Bishop, Campbellsville University students. Since arriving last week, they have been helping with various projects including the new arboreal ant bioinventory. In collaboration with Dr. Steve Yanoviak of the University of Louisville, Bernheim has begin an ant study to … [Read more]

You Say Crawfish; We Say Crayfish


Anyone who lives in Kentucky has probably seen the volcano mounds of dirt that are created by crayfish. Crayfish are also called crawdads and crawfish, and belong to the order Decapoda. Crayfish are found in lakes, caves, streams, rivers, wetlands, and other freshwater habitats throughout Kentucky. There are over 50 species of crayfish found in … [Read more]

Meatless Monday, a Movement for Health and for the Planet: Isaac’s Café Special, May 22


I'm sure many of you are familiar with "meatless Mondays".  How do you join this ever growing movement?  You just don't eat meat on Mondays -  it's that simple. By adopting this oh so easy change, you are not only making healthy changes for yourself, you are also helping the environment on multiple levels.  It's a win-win, no matter how you look at … [Read more]

Why Do Male & Female Scarlet Tanagers Sing?

scarlet tanager

Spring is a great time to see many of Bernheim’s colorful birds like the Scarlet Tanager. Male Scarlet Tanagers are beautiful bright red birds that are very difficult to see, since they spend most of their time in the forest canopy singing. Females are even harder to find, because they are a pale yellow and will spend most of their time on the … [Read more]

Join us for BloomFest!


Do you have plans for the weekend? Why not join us at BloomFest, Bernheim’s annual celebration of spring! The costume parade, naturalist-led discovery stations, local artisans, and food vendors are just some of the many activities available for everyone to enjoy. New this year, we will be offering a Nature Play Area, where kids and families are … [Read more]

Kick off June at Bernheim!

Hike Bike Trail 12 - 047

The summer has finally arrived! Bernheim is kicking off June with a weekend full of special events, including the Visitor Center Grand Re-opening, National Trails Day and Family Fishing Days. Join Bernheim on Saturday, June 3, and Sunday, June 4, to take part in the celebrations! Visitor Center Grand Re-Opening Celebrate the Visitor Center’s … [Read more]