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Celebrate Spring from the Top of Bernheim’s Historic Fire Tower

We are all enjoying the wonderful spring weather and many of us are spending more time outside and enjoying the wonders of Bernheim.  We are pleased to expand the hours the Fire Tower will be open to our visitors.  Effective this Saturday, April 1, we will have the tower open from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. each Saturday and Sunday. In addition, with … [Read more]

Bernheim Will Now Protect 954 More Acres

The big level provides habitat for species like the Big Brown Bat

At a special ceremony last month, we announced the purchase of a 954-acre tract of land known as the Big Level, bringing our total acreage to 15,625.  The acquisition is the largest since our founder, Isaac Wolfe Bernheim’s original 12,500-acre purchase in 1928. It allows Bernheim to protect even more critical wildlife habitat and continue I.W. … [Read more]

What’s in this Creek Foam?

Creek Foam

Every year while working along the creek, I notice foam on the creek surface. I’ve always wondered what causes this, and I worry that it is caused by pollution. Foam in creeks is normally caused when the surface tension of the water is reduced and air is mixed into the water causes bubbles to form. This can be caused by human pollution, but it … [Read more]

A Rainy Sunday Afternoon: Isaac’s Café Specials, March 27-31, 2017

Rainy Deck

One of my favorite pastimes on a rainy Sunday afternoon, even as a young girl, was to sit on the couch with my mother, flipping through cookbooks perusing the recipes, "oohing and aahing" over shiny photos of deliciousness.  We would discuss what we would leave out or how we might tweak it to somehow make it even better.  We would talk about what … [Read more]

The Sage, Wisdom from the Edible Garden, March 23


I try to start every morning with a slow, calm, meditative walk through the Edible Garden. Slowing down my steps to match my breath allows me to deeply connect with the flow of the garden. While “flowing,”’ I try to place my attention completely on the environment and my place in the natural cycle of nature. Whether the soft smile that emerges is … [Read more]

American Woodcocks are Nesting at Bernheim

Nesting American Woodcock

It’s spring, and that means nesting birds. American Woodcocks have already been found nesting along the Wilson Creek Valley at Bernheim. Females make a shallow depression in leaves and twigs on the ground in young forests. Males do not play any role in the nesting and care of the young. American Woodcocks can lay four eggs, and will lay one a … [Read more]