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Making the Most of What You’ve Got: Isaac’s Café Specials, December 12-16


I'm a firm believer in using what you have on hand in the kitchen. As a mom on a budget, I often had to get creative and make do with what we had. The same holds true at Isaac's Café. Because Bernheim is a private not-for-profit organization, I want to always be mindful of being a good steward of our resources. You no doubt have heard the statement … [Read more]

Bernheim Adds 162 Acres of Land

The barn at the Thurman Tract

Today, Bernheim officially announced that 162 additional acres of land are under our protection for conservation. The announcement came at a special celebration with the family of the late Raymond Thurman, the long-time Bullitt County farmer and businessman, along with over 100 community members including Bernheim donors, trustees and local … [Read more]

Nature’s Notebook: Bernheim’s Links to the Iron Industry


The land on which Bernheim is located has a deep and lasting interconnection with the local iron industry of the 19th century.  Iron smelting, like salt production, was a major industry in this area and was a primary factor in its deforestation.  Its legacy continues to be felt throughout the arboretum and forest. The local iron industry … [Read more]

Remembering What Matters: Isaac’s Café Specials, December 5-9


My family has had a few serious challenges in the past month.  Seeing all of my distant family in the face of an emergency helped me to remember that I’m not alone and that people can really come together when it matters, regardless of how ‘busy’ we think we are.  For the first time in years, I feel connected to all of these people who had started … [Read more]

Bernheim Staff To Lead Kentucky Chapter of American Chestnut Foundation


Rick Caldwell, a longtime Bernheim staff member, was recently elected as the President of the Kentucky Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation (ACF). The mission of the ACF is to restore the American chestnut to our eastern forests in order to benefit our environment, our wildlife, and our society. Rick's leadership reinforces Bernheim's desire … [Read more]

The Importance of Mushrooms


Here at Bernheim Forest, we are currently compiling a list of all the Fungi or mushrooms found within the forest. Mushrooms are an important part of the ecosystem and over million species have been identified throughout the world. Mushrooms are different from other plants in that they are made up of chitin instead of the cellulose that is found in … [Read more]