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Have You Made Your Spring Break Plans?

Looking for a great outdoor experience at no cost for the family this spring break? If so, you don’t want to miss Spring Break Adventure Week at Bernheim, April 3 - 7! Here is a reminder of all the great things that will be available: Discovery Stations Hands-on Discovery Stations, featuring a variety of plant, animal, and nature activities … [Read more]

The Portable Shelter Project at Bernheim


Bernheim is partnering with a studio design class at the University of Kentucky School of Architecture to explore innovative temporary shelters that are transportable and that sit lightly on the land.  In keeping with Bernheim’s commitment to thought leadership, these prototype design projects explore the idea that shelters for visiting artists, … [Read more]

A Tale of Two Orchids: Puttyroot and Cranefly

The Puttyroot Orchid

Puttyroot Orchids (Aplectrum hyemale) is a beautiful orchids that develops a single leaf in the fall which persists through the winter until late spring when it begins to flower. It is one of our more common orchids, but by no means does that mean it is abundant. It is found in higher quality habitats and seems to be especially adapted to mixed … [Read more]

The Sage: Winter Reflection Wisdom from the Edible Garden

Cole Taking Notes 3-3-17

For many cultures throughout history, winter, particularly January through March, has been recognized as the moment in time to most successfully reflect on the past and envision for the future. Though this winter has not always felt like winter, it’s still important use this time to reflect and acknowledge that life can be filled with unexpected … [Read more]

When Trees Play, Pin Oak Tree Turned into Play Structure

This is the pin oak we decided to remove before it became a hazard.

When it became evident that a sixty-five year old pin oak growing near the Garden Pavilion parking area was in rapid decline, Bernheim made the hard decision to cut it down.  We try to make such decisions in a mindful way, so naturally, we considered our options.  A plan was hatched to work with Greenhaven Tree Care to deconstruct the tree in a way … [Read more]

The Sage: Soil Wisdom from the Edible Garden


As seasons come and go, change comes for us all. When these changes come,  it’s easy to lose hope. In nature, death, the ultimate change, is all around us. It is an inescapable partner to life. However, the end of one cycle always provides the foundation for fostering new life: a fallen tree becomes habitat and a welcome scrap of food after a day … [Read more]