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Making Memories One Bite at a Time: Isaac’s Café Specials, June 12-16

Italy 2010

Biting into a ripe peach this week, I was reminded of one of my earliest childhood memories, which combined both my love of delicious food and the great outdoors.   I was maybe five or six years old, standing in the middle of a peach orchard in Bedford, Indiana with a ripe peach in each hand, alternating bites from each, with peach juice dripping … [Read more]

The Sage: Wisdom from the Edible Garden: Asking for Help


Last week's cooler weather was a gift uniquely appreciated in the Edible Garden. As we creep closer to summer, priority lists grow faster than the weeds. The bird songs that so inspired me in late winter and the appreciation of the first flowers blooming have sadly been replaced by the immediacy of any number of tasks (I haven’t even had a chance … [Read more]

What Are Those Structures by Cedar Pond?

UK Portable Shelters

For the past seven years Bernheim has worked with students at the University of Kentucky, College of Design, Architecture Program to support student understanding of SUSTAINABILITY and REGENERATIVE DESIGN.  Professors bring classes of students to Bernheim because of our demonstrated leadership in architectural design that connects people with … [Read more]

Garlic Mustard Removal Report 2017

Bernheim staff removed a lot of garlic mustard in 2017

Part of Bernheim's vision is to be ecological stewards. Part of that stewardship and conservation effort is to keep our forest healthy and pristine. In our land management efforts, we place a strong emphasis on removing invasive species, which are non-native plants that can cause damage to the ecosystem they inhabit. Bernheim has removed garlic … [Read more]

The Stately Sycamore

While Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest does not have an officially designated signature tree, the Sycamore would be a worthy candidate. It has a a presence not easily matched by the other trees of our area.  It commands our attention with its long crooked branches, its large light green leaves, and its smooth outer bark that peels off to … [Read more]

Bernheim Receives a Monarch Watch Grant to Plant Milkweed


Bernheim Forest was recently awarded a grant from Monarch Watch to plant milkweeds in the Big Prairie to enhance the already excellent habitat for monarch butterflies. The monarch population has declined in the last few years due to loss of milkweeds due to the use of herbicide resistant crops, climate change, and loss of habitat on their … [Read more]