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Fall Wildflower Sighting – Ladies-tresses Orchids


Fall is a great time to come out to see fall wildflowers at Bernheim! Bernheim Forest has 12 different species of goldenrod, which is our state flower, as well as several different species of aster. Bernheim is also home to seven different species of Ladies-tresses orchids (Spiranthes spp.). Spiranthes are small white orchids that bloom mostly … [Read more]

Black Bear Caught on Camera at Bernheim. Help Us Name Him!

Bear Trail Cam 1

Look who's back! Our friend, the black bear, is still wandering the area, and this time we have gotten pictures from within Bernheim from 2 locations. He looks healthy, and the scar on his nose will allow us to identify him, telling us if this is the same bear that has been seen in other locations over past few months. It has been over 2  months … [Read more]

For the Love of October: Isaac’s Café Specials October 3-7


I can't remember ever hearing anyone say that they did not like October.  What's not to love?  It's all of our favorite things packed into one glorious month.  For some, it's the fall foliage painting the hillsides, the crisp air that signals sweater weather, warm mugs of hot cider or cocoa, or the anticipation of Halloween with all the fun that … [Read more]

Nature’s Notebook: The Life of a Dragonfly


I Dwell underwater for most of my life Ravenously eating nearly all thats in sight. Aquatic invertebrates are my favorite dish, but if Given a chance I might eat a small fish. I Outgrow my skin, molt many times and... Next crawl out of the water to try life on dry land. Flight is my specialty, each wing moves on its own. Look! My two eyes … [Read more]

Nature’s Notebook: Is Bernheim an Old Growth Forest?

Old Growth Forest

While talking with Bernheim visitors in the fire tower, the most surprising piece of information for many is that the forest we see did not exist before Isaac Bernheim purchased the land in 1929.  The forest that existed before the arrival of settlers from the east had been gone at that time for well over one hundred years.  The story of how that … [Read more]

The Bugs of Bernheim: Barklice


While walking through the woods this fall, you might encounter a cluster of insects with black and yellow stripped abdomen on smooth bark trees. This is Cerastipsocus venosus, or barklice, which will form clusters on smooth bark trees such as maples and beeches. They are beneficial insects and are considered recyclers of the forests. They will feed … [Read more]