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The Garden Spider is Not So Spooky


In celebration of Halloween, many people decorate their homes with spiders and cobwebs to scare little children and some adults, but spiders are not something you should be afraid of.  Most spider species are not poisonous and are excellent insect predators: even better than birds. They remove many pesky insects from people’s yards and … [Read more]

Bats of Bernheim

This article originally appeared in the fall 2016 issue of our quarterly newsletter, the forest echo. The silhouette of bats flying against the twilight sky has made impressions on humans for millennia. The history and habits of these flying mammals are steeped in myth and superstition, conjuring a range of feelings from fear to awe. Despite … [Read more]

Don’t Miss An Evening at Isaac’s and our Café Specials, October 24-28


I hope you've saved some time on your busy schedule this weekend for a one of a kind program. This Friday evening, October 28 from 6-8 will be an Evening at Isaac's Fall Garden Harvest Buffet and Cooking Demonstration. Isaac's Café will be cooking up a fall feast starting with fried sage and butternut squash tarts along with other tempting … [Read more]

Easily Overlooked, The Rough Green Snake


Rough green snakes (Opheodrys aestivus) are beautiful slender, green snakes that are easily overlooked.  They are probably the most arboreal (most likely to live in trees) of the snakes found in our region, spending most of their time above ground hunting for spiders, insects, and other invertebrates.  When encountered they often freeze, relying on … [Read more]

Let’s Play Ball!


It is October and many of us are looking forward to the World Series, the annual baseball championship that has been held since 1903. I suspect that very few visitors to Bernheim Forest are aware of the connection between the Bernheim family and the founding of this event. Possibly you think the connection would be with the ash and maple trees, the … [Read more]

Nature’s Notebook: Salt vs. The Forest


Salt has been of immense importance throughout the history of civilization. This was certainly true in this area and the history of salt production is an essential part of the story of Bernheim Forest. The importance of salt to the early settlers lay primarily in its use in food preservation. With no source of refrigeration in those years, salt … [Read more]