Jackson-Yoe Loop (2 mi)

Jackson-Yoe loop crosses diverse lowland and upland terrain, within a oak-hickory forest. Named for two families that lived in the area in the 1800’s, the trail includes the Jackson family cemetery. This difficult trail has some steep sections and can get slippery in wet conditions.

Iron Ore Hill Loop (1.5 mi)

Iron Ore Hill derives its name from the iron industry that flourished in the area in the mid 1800s. This trail with moderate to steep slopes overlooks a valley, and weaves through a forest that has been cut down many times in its history. This trail will give you access… Read More

Cull Hollow Loop (1.5 mi)

Cull Hollow Loop is a trail with varying elevations, winding through many ridges and mounds of unknown origin (archaeologists have failed to find anything of note). Along the trail you will see the effects of logging and iron ore mining in the region.

Lake Nevin Loop* (1.3 mi)

This trail circles the 32-acre manmade Lake Nevin, a feature of the landscape design created by the Olmsted Brothers in 1948. This mostly flat and gravel-paved trail crosses through many of Bernheim’s beautifully landscaped gardens and connects to several other trails. This trail highlights Lake Nevin’s features, including the cypress-tupelo… Read More