Isaac’s Cafe Specials – November 30-December 4, 2015

By Amy Joseph Landon

11-30-15 Specials

If you’re like me, you may have over indulged just a bit last week.  We are not unlike other mammals, gathering, storing, preparing ourselves by packing on the pounds for the long lean winter months ahead. However, those creatures do need to pack on the pounds and most of us do not.  In an effort to balance the heavy meals of the holidays, why not stop in at Isaac’s Café for a light, healthy lunch, made from local, sustainable ingredients harvested from our own Edible Garden?

Specials for this week:  THAT’S A WRAP!  A slightly smaller version of the chipotle turkey wrap or our chipotle veggie wrap:  A delicious blend of southwest flavors – fresh veggies pressed on the panini press with your choice of either a small side salad or piece of fresh fruit with a glass of fresh brewed iced tea.  Only $5.95!

Soup of the week:  Cabbage roll soup;  A deconstructed version of a family favorite.  This soup is loaded with fresh cabbage, onions, tomatoes from the Edible Garden, rice and garden crumbles.

Side:  Enjoy the last of the season’s butter lettuce, carrots, sunflower seeds, cheese and house made dressing.   $1.50

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