Rock Run Loop (0.5 mi)

This trail is a visitor favorite. Traversing slopes along Rock Run Creek, Rock Run Loop provides a great opportunity to view limestone and shale outcroppings, and is excellent for viewing wildflowers. The trail includes a creek crossing as well as several steep sections and obstacles.

Iron Ore Hill Loop (1.5 mi)

Iron Ore Hill derives its name from the iron industry that flourished in the area in the mid 1800s. This trail with moderate to steep slopes overlooks a valley, and weaves through a forest that has been cut down many times in its history. This trail will give you access… Read More

Guerilla Hollow Loop (1.2 mi)

Guerilla Hollow got its name as a result of guerilla activity during the Civil War. Though not still apparent, the trail passes through old homesteads. This trail weaves through some of Bernheim’s most mature wooded areas, with some moderate and steep slopes.

Fire Tower Loop (0.5 mi)

This trail will take you to the site of Bernheim’s historic fire tower, which was built in 1929. The fire tower is open to the public based on staff/volunteer availability. This trail has steep sections to traverse en route to the fire tower.

Cull Hollow Loop (1.5 mi)

Cull Hollow Loop is a trail with varying elevations, winding through many ridges and mounds of unknown origin (archaeologists have failed to find anything of note). Along the trail you will see the effects of logging and iron ore mining in the region.

Bike Hike Trail 🚲 (4 mi) – Temporarily Closed

This out and back trail follows the course of Long Lick Creek via a paved and gravel trail. It passes through the old Clermont quarry, a section of Old Highway 245, and ends near the Bullitt/Nelson County Line. This trail is handicap accessible. Access from Happy Hollow Road, located across… Read More

Two Ponds Loop (0.7 mi)

Two Ponds Loop provides an overview of Bernheim’s horticultural sciences, native habitat displays, and the arts, weaving through the Big Prairie and the world renowned Holly Collection along its route. Works of art and sweeping views highlight this trail. It is mostly flat, but does go through some gentle hills… Read More