The Meditation Trail (0.5 mi)

The Meditation Trail, in honor and memory of Lily Banerjee, is an invitation for visitors to commune with nature in their own personal way. It’s sited along Bernheim’s beloved Bent Twig trail and consists of six spurs, each with its own meditation prompt based on a positive attribute of a… Read More

Overalls Loop (0.25 mi)

This flat and easy trail connects to one of Bernheim’s fire roads. This upland trail winds through a primarily oak-hickory forest.

High Point Loop (0.5 mi)

High Point Loop crosses Bernheim’s highest elevation of 927 feet. Don’t expect panoramic views though; this trail winds through intermittent streams throughout a beech and maple woodland with only some gentle slopes.

Bent Twig Trail (0.5 mi)

This trail traverses a natural pine and cedar forest fragment, which contains a variety of vines and shrubbery undergrowth that provides a habitat for wildlife, Bent Twig Trail is short in distance with moderate changes in elevation.

Sun and Shade Loop* (0.75 mi)

This trail journeys through Bernheim’s mature forested area as well as collections of understory woody plants that are suitable for home landscapes. Part of this trail winds through natural forested area with bridged stream crossings, part through gravel paths in the open landscape.

Seasonal Prairie Trails (1-2 mi)

The mowed pathways through the grassland prairie provide easy walking with mostly even terrain, though caution of uneven terrain is encouraged. Use Big Prairie trails to connect to other trails in the Arboretum.

Nursery Loop* (1 mi)

This loop provides access to Bernheim’s Edible Garden and Research Building. Views into the plant nursery provide you with a behind the scenes glance into Bernheim’s horticultural work. Nursery loop features many wildflowers and moss and is a good place for bird viewing. The trail is mostly paved or gravel… Read More

Lake Nevin Loop* (1.3 mi)

This trail circles the 32-acre manmade Lake Nevin, a feature of the landscape design created by the Olmsted Brothers in 1948. This mostly flat and gravel-paved trail crosses through many of Bernheim’s beautifully landscaped gardens and connects to several other trails. This trail highlights Lake Nevin’s features, including the cypress-tupelo… Read More

Forest Giants Trail (2 mi)

The Forest Giants trail is an out and back trail, one mile each way. It leads from the Visitor Center to see all three of the Forest Giants in a Giant Forest. The first section is flat and mostly paved following along the Olmsted Ponds. The trail then crosses the… Read More

Big Prairie Overlook Path (0.25 mi)

This paved pathway that takes you to the “Let There Be Light” statue marking Bernheim founder, Isaac W. Bernheim’s gravesite is lined with colorful flowers and shrubs. The top of the path provides sweeping views of Bernheim’s Big Prairie and surrounding landscape. This trail is handicap accessible.  

Arboretum Loop (1.5 mi)

Hikers are encouraged to use the hike/bike lane of Bernheim’s main road through the arboretum. This loop provides views of Bernheim’s topography and landscape features, including the grassland prairie, and highlights Bernheim’s many tree collections, including crabapples, dogwoods, magnolias, conifers and more Kentucky native trees. This trail is handicap accessible.