Did you know Bernheim giants’ father lives in Colorado? Meet Isak

By Bernheim

Source: WLKY
September 18, 2020


Isak Heartstone
Isak Heartstone  SOURCE: Craig Lewis
The “giants” at Bernheim Forest are truly a sight to see.

If you haven’t visited them yet, they are quite literally giant structures, like massive trolls living among the trees.

The three giants have a story. “There’s Mama Loumari and her children, Little Nis and Little Elina, and her third baby Giant, who is currently living in mama’s belly,” according to Bernheim.

So, where’s dad? Well, it turns out he lives far, far away.

Isak Heartstone clutches trees in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Isaak Heartstone, Breckinridge
Isak Heartstone

There, he is referred to as the Breckenridge Troll. If you’re out that way, the 15-foot tall wooden sculpture is located on the Trollstigen Trail.

Bernheim officials confirmed he is indeed the dad of Nis and Elina. We don’t have further details on the family’s dynamic.

More background on the giants

All of the giants/trolls were created by Danish artist Thomas Dambo. He is known across the globe for bringing awareness to recycling and upcycling by building things out of trash. Click his name to see more of his troll sculptures around the world.

The structures will stay up in all places until they eventually deteriorate. Bernheims are projected to last about three years.

Bernheims were created special for the forest’s 90th anniversary in February 2019.

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