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Cultivate Plant Knowledge this Summer

By Bernheim

Are you curious about the amazing programs and opportunities available with Bernheim Forest’s Horticulture staff? Whether you want to learn how to grow your own plants, become part of the climate solution, or simply understand the dedicated team behind our beautiful landscapes, our summer classes are designed to inspire and educate.

The Horticulture Team at Bernheim believes that knowledge is power. By sharing our expertise with the community, we aim to cultivate environmentally conscious individuals who care for nature both within and beyond the borders of Bernheim. Join us this summer and let your green thumb flourish!

Summer Propagation – July 12

Ready to unlock the secrets of summer gardening and elevate your plant propagation skills? Join our Horticulture team for an immersive, hands-on class focused on summer plant propagation.

  • Expert Guidance: Receive step-by-step instruction from our experienced Horticulturist.
  • Hands-On Experience: Engage in practical activities and live demonstrations.
  • Take Home Treasures: Depart with new knowledge and your very own propagated plant to nurture and enjoy at home.

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Turning Turf into Yarden – July 26

Want to be a good steward of the environment but don’t know where to start? Transforming your turf into a regenerative “yarden” is a great first step. Join Director of Horticulture and Sustainable Landscapes, Renee Frith, as she shares her journey and insights on turning turf into a vibrant, eco-friendly “yarden”.

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Arboretum Tour – July 26

Take a leisurely walk through Bernheim Forest’s rare and spectacular tree collection with Arboretum Manager Nathan Strange and the horticulture team. Learn about the Arboretum’s history, the uncommon species that thrive in our collections, and engage in hands-on activities that connect you to the natural world.

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Don’t miss out on these enriching experiences that not only enhance your gardening skills but also deepen your connection to the environment. Join us this summer and become a part of the green revolution at Bernheim Forest. Your journey to a greener world starts here!

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