Bernheim Welcomes Artist in Residence, Cathleen Faubert

By Amy Joseph Landon

FaubertInStudio3Bernheim is excited to welcome our second Artist in Residence of the summer! Cathleen Faubert has been living and working at Bernheim since June 15 and will be here throughout the month of July.

Over the past two years, Cathleen has developed a unique method of working with scent as a creative medium. Using a small glass steam distiller, she gathers plant material and extracts essential oil or hydrosol (scented water). These extracts represent the local landscape through aroma, molecular structure, and symbolic meaning of the materials gathered. During her stay at Bernheim, she is continuing this type of creative work and hopes to develop a site-specifically designed scent garden of the fragrant native plants already present in the landscape and a collection of hand crafted fragrances developed from her time spent researching the arboretum and forest.

Cathleen Faubert’s olfactory (scent) research bench.

Cathleen is an Assistant Professor of Art, Technology & Culture at the University of Oklahoma. She earned her MFA from Tufts University/School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Her teaching focuses on photography and video art, while her artistic endeavors are multi-disciplinary, including olfactory artworks or art that incorporates our sense of smell in visual art.

Join us at Bernheim to see Cathleen’s work!

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