Bernheim CONNECTs guests with nature

By Amy Joseph Landon

Source: The Kentucky Standard
August 21, 2018

From a Louisville-based garage rock band and a blues-singing chef, to large grassy creatures and a kid-filled mud pit, Saturday’s Bernheim CONNECT fulfilled the forest’s mission of connecting people with nature in unique ways.

<div class="source">KACIE GOODE/The Kentucky Standard</div><div class="image-desc">A guest of Saturday&#039;s Bernheim CONNECT event listens to a band play on the main stage in front of Lake Nevin.</div><div class="buy-pic"><a href="/photo_select/97584">Buy this photo</a></div>

KACIE GOODE/The Kentucky Standard
A guest of Saturday’s Bernheim CONNECT event listens to a band play on the main stage in front of Lake Nevin.
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CONNECT is Bernheim’s largest summer celebration and this year marked its 10th anniversary. The celebration took place around Bernheim’s Lake Nevin and featured one-off musicians and artists, as well as nature displays and activities, food trucks, spirits, hot air balloons and unique family fun.

CONNECT started when forest program officials were looking to attract diverse young adult audiences, but has grown into a family affair for all ages as different activities and entertainment have been added over the years.

While CONNECT brings Bernheim’s larger summer events to a close and the forest winds down in preparation for the colder months, there are many more opportunities to connect with nature with upcoming hikes, discovery days and special presentations. Visit for a list of upcoming events.

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