Artist in Residence Janice Lee Kelly arrives at Bernheim

By Bernheim

Artist Janice Lee Kelly

Architect, photographer and aerial sculptor, Janice Lee Kelly is back at Bernheim and will be creating a series of nature inspired sculptures from biodegradable balloons! Expect to see her beautiful works pop up around the arboretum or along the trails where you least expects them. Stay tuned to social media for clues as to where you can find these beautiful ephemeral works of art!

This past June, Kelly spent several weeks at Bernheim reacquainting herself with the Kentucky landscape while researching its creative possibilities. Kelly focused this portion of her residency on the architecture of plants and seed pods, exploring the plant structures that shelter, incubate and then ingeniously disperse seeds. Photographing these lively and ephemeral creatures brings her creative process full circle. Told to Me by Trees is a visual diary of sketches that encapsulates her investigation of the natural environment in late spring. Kelly will balance this experience with a return in early 2020 for creating work within a winter landscape. We can’t wait to see how this drastic change in seasons will inform her creative process! Stay tuned to learn more about engaging with Kelly upon her return.

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