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Inside Bernheim

Bernheim provides countless ways to connect with nature. Take a hike on one of our 35 miles of trails, including the awe-inspiring canopy tree walk, where you will see the forest from the tree tops.  Explore the artwork that is woven into the arboretum.  Explore the thousands of plants that are planted in the arboretum.  See if you can spot the many animals that reside at Bernheim. Bring a picnic and sit under a tree and read.  Enjoy one of our many fantastic programs, where you can learn anything from how to start a garden at home to the habitats of the bald eagle to native species of butterflies.  Make sure to stop by our LEED® Platinum Visitor Center, where you can simply admire the marvelous architecture, buy a natural Bernheim souvenir and have a fresh, local bite to eat at Isaac’s Cafe.

Map of public area of Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest

Public Area of Bernheim

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a map is worth a million. Maps have longed help us to understand and explore our planet. Bernheim uses maps to navigate and compile information on our 14, 378 acres. We invite you to explore our plant collections, trails, art exhibits, and more.

For more information on trails and printable maps go to Trails at Bernheim.

Printable Bernheim map.

Look for Bernheim Forest Google Maps coming soon.