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Group Volunteer Opportunities

A Group from UPS Removes Invasive Species for use in a ColorFest art activity

Group volunteer projects are the perfect activity for your corporate team, student extra-curricular group, or any organization wanting to find a rewarding team-building activity.

Volunteer projects can be developed for groups of six or more people contributing three or more hours. Below is a sampling of projects available, but new projects always arise, so you are not limited to this list. Please let us know of any special skills and interests your group has – you never know what kind of project we may have that fits your group’s needs perfectly.

Groups are encouraged to “make a day of it” and take advantage not just of one of Bernheim’s exciting service projects, but also to enjoy a picnic at one of our breathtaking picnic areas (or our educational classroom, if available) and learn more about the Bernheim environment with one of our engaging educational programs just for your group. We can also suggest hiking trails according to your allotted time.

Students participating in group volunteer projects are eligible for school community service hours. Please let the volunteer coordinator know of any paperwork that will need to be signed when you have completed your project.

Students under the age of 16 may participate, but must have adults over the age of 21 present at all times to supervise. Bernheim recommends 1 adult per 5 students depending on the project assigned to the group.

A group from Brown-Forman helps mulch the arboretum

Arboretum Assistance

Location: Throughout Bernheim’s 600 acre arboretum
Volunteer Project Capacity: Varies by project, usually groups of 6-12
Season: March through November – other dates may be available
Several tasks will be needed during the growing season. These tasks may include deadheading, weeding, mulching, raking leaves and keeping up the appearance of the collections. Call to find out about seasonal needs that can be accomplished in a beautiful setting!

Fire Roads Maintenance

Location: Across Bernheim’s Fire Roads, located within Bernheim’s Natural Areas
Volunteer Project Capacity: Varies by project, usually groups of 10-15
Season: March through November – other dates may be available
Volunteers are always needed to help clear debris out of the path of the fire roads and to the sides, so we can not only keep the roads cleared in case of emergency, but also to keep the sides of the roads mowed. It’s a great way to see parts of Bernheim’s forest that few visitors get to see and experience the beauty and wonder of Bernheim’s natural areas.

A group from Brown-Forman helps to clear debris from one of Bernheim's fire roads

Operations Assistance

Location: Building, facilities maintenance and construction
Volunteer capacity: varies by project, usually groups of 10-15
Season: Projects available year round

If your group is interested in making a permanent impact that you can return to see your handy work with friends and family for years to come – call and find out what type of project Bernheim’s Operations Department may have for your group. Projects have included building bridges and trails, installing irrigation lines, painting building and picnic facilities, and much more. There is a project that can be pulled together to meet your group’s interests.

A Student from St. Catharine College paints a ColorFest visitor's face

Special Events Assistance

Volunteers help with pre-event preparation, or groups can enjoy working together as a team at the event by staffing entire areas such as parking, children’s activities, food service and other needs at the events. For groups working at any special event, a meal and snacks will be provided. Special event preparations are needed the week leading up to (and possibly before) the following events:
BloomFest: Third Saturday in May
CONNECT at Bernheim: Third Saturday in August
BugFest: Third Saturday in September
ColorFest: Third weekend (Saturday and Sunday) in October

Trail Maintenance

Location: Throughout Bernheim’s 32 miles of trails
Volunteer Group Capacity: Varies by project, usually groups of 10 or more
Season: Projects available year round
Bernheim has approximately 32 miles of trails, which need regular maintenance and inspection. Projects may include: clearing trail debris, laying new trail surfaces, picking up litter, repairing foot bridges, grading trails, installing/ replacing trail markers, installing interpretive signage, pruning branches overhanging the trails, and reporting large fallen trees and/or any obstacles on the trails that hinder safe passage for trail walkers. Call for specific project needs.

For more information, contact Amy Joseph Landon, Volunteer Coordinator, (502) 955-8512 x 262 or email