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Planned Giving

Think about leaving a legacy – a planned gift that will continue

Connecting People with Nature – even after your lifetime. 

Connecting People with Nature has been the mission of Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest for over 80 years.

Think of children to come.  Think of the forests, wildlife and clear streams.  There is no greater gift to the future than nature.  Your planned gift to Bernheim is a proud legacy.  Leaving a Legacy is a way to make a lasting and larger gift to Bernheim after your lifetime.  There are options below, but please keep in mind this is be a simple process. (REPHRASE??)  Bernheim respects your wishes and will hold all conversations confidentially.

Outright Gifts

A gift of cash, stocks, bonds, or real estate can be made to Bernheim.  Your gift qualifies as a charitable donation under state and federal law.  Let us know your plans….


By naming Bernheim in your will, either as a recipient of a percentage of net assets or a specific gift amount, your legacy is ensured.  In many cases you may receive a reduction in federal gift and estate taxes.

Gift Annuity

Make a gift of cash or property to Bernheim now, receive an immediate tax benefit, and you or another named beneficiary can receive a guaranteed fixed quarterly or annual payment for life.

Gift of Retirement Assets

Name Bernheim as the beneficiary of all or a portion of your IRA, 401K or other retirement plan.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Create a trust that receives cash or property from you and then pays annual income to you or another named person for life. After your death, the remainder of the trusts transfers to Bernheim, and is placed in the Bernheim fund you have designated. You will receive income tax benefits the year you establish and make the gift to your trust.

Charitable Lead Trust

Create a trust that receives cash or property from you and then pays a fixed amount to Bernheim for the number of years you select. Once this period ends, the assets held by the trust are transferred to the beneficiaries you name. In some cases, you receive a substantial reduction in federal gift and estate taxes.

Roth Conversions

Due to tax law changes effective this year, you can convert your IRA to a Roth IRA.  When the conversion to a Roth IRA is made, you pay income tax on it.  If you make a charitable gift in the same year, the charitable deduction would offset some of the income tax.

Your legacy gift may be designated to any of these programs at Bernheim: 

General Support

Allow Bernheim the most flexibility in its efforts to Connect People with Nature and to care for our treasured resources.

Natural Lands and Ecological Research

Support our fight to protect our current acreage from invasive species and restore rare habitats, while conducting short- and long-term research on natural systems.

Horticulture and Conservation Biology

Expand the beauty and unique plant collections which attract approximately 200,000 visitors per year.  Help us develop and encourage the use of native plant species, combining conservation with sustainable practices in landscaping.

Education and Outreach

Tens of thousands of school students and families benefit from our creative and effective educational programming.  We strive to build strong bonds between each visitor and nature.


Bernheim is a trusted voice for nature and the environment, but we are striving to go further and be a leader in sustainable/regenerative thought, design and practice.  This philosophy encompasses all we do,so we will be a benefit to nature and the environment and be a learning center for ourselves and others.

 Arts in Nature

Our Artist-in-Residence program brings creative, talented artists from all over the world to Bernheim.  This enriches our interpretation of nature and provides experiences with nature that influence these amazing artists.  Art in nature provides unique and unexpected experiences for our visitors.  The Art in Nature programs provide new perspectives and means to Connect People with Nature.

A gift to Bernheim through your bequest, gift annuity or other Planned Gift is a legacy of significance.  Bernheim should be designated in your estate plan as:  I. W. Bernheim Foundation, Highway 245, Clermont, Kentucky, 40110. 

For more information or to designate a particular area for your Charitable gift, please contact , Mark K. Wourms, Executive Director at 502 955-8512, ext.223 or