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GeoCache Policy

Geocaching at Bernheim

  • Bernheim welcomes responsible geocaching in accordance with our policy. Geocaches placed at Bernheim have been placed by private individuals and not by Bernheim as an organization. Bernheim makes no claim as to the accuracy of information or the upkeep of the caches placed here.
  • The official geocache website:
    Basic membership is free and the site includes a basic tutorial to geocaching.
  • A map of geocaches near Clermont KY can be found here:
  • A general fact sheet about geocaching can be found here:

Cache In Trash Out

Cache In Trash Out is an ongoing environmental initiative supported by the worldwide geocaching community. Since 2002, geocachers around the world have been dedicated to improving parks and other cache-friendly places. Through these volunteer efforts, we help preserve the natural beauty of our outdoor resources.

Cache In Trash Out doesn’t just happen once a year. It can easily happen on every geocache adventure. Bring a trash bag along with you on your walks in the woods and pick up the occasional piece of trash you see on the trail. Even this small act can make a huge difference. More information about CITO can be found here:

Bernheim Caching Policy

Bernheim welcomes responsible and limited use of our public and near-trail areas for geocaching and certain other adventure activities that entail the use of Bernheim property for educational and recreational purposes initiated from adventure web sites. Some media based adventure activities are not permitted if they may interfere with current or future projects at Bernheim. All use of Bernheim property for the placement of caches, tags and other items requires approval in advance. In order to protect sensitive ecological areas and help insure the safety of our visitors Bernheim limits the quantity, location and duration of caches and other activities. Applications go through a review process that can take over a month. Unapproved caches, tags and other objects will be removed without notice. Please fill out our Placement Application form or print out a pdf.

All inquiries about use of Bernheim for adventure activities should be directed to:
Adventure Activity
Bernheim Forest
PO Box 130
Clermont KY 40110
or by email to:

General Guidelines

  • All activities using Bernheim property must be approved in advance.
  • All approval requests require a completed “Cache Placement Application” which can be filled out here or downloaded.
  • Bernheim reserves the right to refuse use of our property for any activity at any time for any reason.
  • Bernheim requires approved caches, letterboxes and other destination activities to include the following wording in any information about the activity:
    Bernheim has established guidelines and a permitting process for this type of activity which are available at This cache has been approved by Bernheim.
  • Unapproved caches, letterboxes, tags or other items will be removed without notice.
  • Bernheim requires exact locations of caches prior to approval.
  • Bernheim only permits caches in the main public area of Bernheim and adjacent (within 10-15 feet) to our main trail system. Caches will not be approved in remote areas of Bernheim, along most fire roads, or from public roads adjacent to Bernheim property.
  • Once placed, your geocache must be maintained appropriately.
  • Bernheim is a family resource. All activities must be appropriate for a family audience.
  • Approval for use of Bernheim property for adventure activities is provided via email.
  • Approval of caches and similar activities is limited to a maximum of two years. Re-approval after two years is allowed but requires additional communication with Bernheim.
  • Approval can be revoked at any time without providing cause or reason.
  • These guidelines are only intended as one step in maintaining appropriate use of Bernheim. Bernheim makes no claim as to the appropriateness, safety, accuracy or actual presence of any adventure activity, approved or unapproved, at Bernheim.
  • These guidelines do not preclude additional requirements or guidelines.