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Thought Leadership

Bernheim will actively support on-going communication among people with a passion for improving how communities and individuals coexist with nature in a healthy ecology. Through dialogue we will question existing paradigms, improve upon best practices and identify new areas of thought and ecological leadership. We will consistently advocate for a careful examination of the wisdom inherent in nature for direction and inspiration. Bernheim will seek to drive innovation by serving as a place that convenes and supports thought leaders. Thought Leadership will become a distinguishing feature of Bernheim’s organizational and social culture.

Strategic efforts seated in this Big Idea include:

• Regenerative Design as the next frontier in Sustainable Design

• Create a Director of Community Outreach and Regenerative Design, as a new Endowed Position

• Establish a new landscape aesthetic through Smart Gardens, Yards and Landscapes

• Become a regional advocate for Natural Play

• Establishing Idea Communities which will converge with Louisville’s “Idea Capital” concept

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