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Gardens at Bernheim

Garden Pavilion

The Garden Pavilion landscape showcases small, specialized plantings in eleven triangular shaped beds and a water garden. To bring vibrancy to this area, we charted out an annual renovation schedule to transform three to four of the eleven beds into different theme gardens. Each theme garden will have its own essence and signature, demonstrate what can be done in the home landscape and feature Bernheim Select Perennials. Included are award winning perennial plants selected by the Perennial Plant Association (PPA), old garden favorites and new plant selections that have recently entered the gardening world.

Given full rein to daydreaming and guided by our landscape design philosophy we designed and planted three new gardens; a cutting, shade and butterfly garden. The three gardens include hardy geranium (Geranium‘Rozanne’) and four other award winning PPA plants, old-fashioned bleeding heart (Dicentra spectabilis‘Alba’), variegated Solomon’s seal (Polygonatum odoratum ‘Variegatum’), beardtongue (Penstemon “Sweet Joanne’) and Knautia macedonica ‘Mars Midget’. In addition to new plantings in the perennial beds, dark violet-blue and blue-spider tropical day lilies (Nymphaea), red and giant yellow lotus (Nelumbo), dwarf umbrella palm (Cyperus alternifolius) and imperial taro (Colocasia antiquorum) were added to the water garden.

Education Center

The Education Center features a newly designed shade garden around the pool, jazzed-up hummingbird and butterfly gardens, and a renovated Kingfisher Pond. Shade-loving plants have several basic needs: filtered or dappled shade, adequate moisture, and soils high in organic matter. Our new shade garden includes pure white, lacy plumed Astilbe “Deutschland’, intricately colored fern cultivars, dark green Hosta ‘Niagra Falls’ and brilliant gold Hosta ‘Sun Power’, blue-eyed grass (Sisyrinchium angustifolium ‘Lucerne’), spiderwort (Tradescantia ‘Bilberry Ice’) and columbine (Aquilegia x caerykea ‘Origami Mix’).

Butterflies and hummingbirds are among the most spectacular and beautiful of Mother Nature’s garden visitors. Butterflies require little more than a variety of plants that will bloom throughout the entire season, shelter from the wind, a place to bask in the sun, and some water. High quality butterfly gardens provide food for both caterpillars (larva) and adult butterflies.

The ruby-throated hummingbird (Archilochus colubris) is one of the 23 species of hummers that frequent North America and the only species that breeds in the eastern United States. It generally arrives in mid-April when spring flowers that provide them with nectar are flushing out. Our garden also includes flowers that attract lots of insects for the hummingbirds, such as coneflowers (Echinacea spp.)
Our butterfly and hummingbird gardens were designed in hot and cool colors. Red, pink, orange and yellow colors dominate the hot bed. Plants include rock anise hyssop (Agastache repestris) with striking warm orange flowers, hot pink and red pinks (Dianthus ‘Firewitch’ and ‘Frosty Fire’), yellow flowered false sunflower and brown-eyed Susan (Heliopsis helianthoides ‘Summer Sun’ and Rudbeckia fulgida ‘Goldsturm’) and tall garden phlox (Phlox paniculata ‘Orange Perfection’) with sweetly scented, flaming salmon-orange flowers.

Blue, white and yellow flowers dominate the cool garden and include the vivid blue flowered Black Adder hyssop (Agastache ‘Black Adder’), tall garden phlox (Phlox paniculata ‘David’) with large heads of deliciously fragrant white flowers, and Leucanthemum x superbum ‘Becky’, a stunning variety of shasta daisy.

The re-sculpted Kingfisher Pond is newly planted with five species of sedge (Carex spp.), common rush (Juncus effuses), great blue lobelia (Lobelia siphilitica), marsh marigold (Caltha palustris), arrow arum (Peltandra virginica), rice-cut grass (Leersia oryzoides), blue flag (Iris virginica) and yellow lotus (Nelumbo).

Plants that Attract Butterflies
Agastache, milkweed (Aesclepias), Aster, pinks (Dianthus), Joe Pye weed (Eupatorium), false sunflower (Heliopsis), blazing star (Liatris), catmint (Nepeta), Knautia, wild bergamot and bee balm (Monarda), black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia), beardtongue (Penstemon) Phlox, Salvia, goldenrod (Solidago)
Plants that Attract Hummingbirds
Agastache, columbine (Aquilegia), crossvine (Bignonia), pinks (Dianthus), foxglove (Digitalis), coneflower (Echinacea), blazing star (Liatris), coral honeysuckle (Lonicera), wild bergamot and bee balm (Monarda), passion flower (Passiflora), Phlox, beardtongue (Penstemon), obedient plant (Physostegia), Jacob’s ladder (Polemonium), Salvia

Entrance Color Beds

Eleven circular color beds totaling a little over two acres and five additional beds along the green path are under development at the front entrance. We are in the second phase of converting the mowed lawn areas into colorful patches and sweeps of warm season grasses and forbs. The circular color beds range in size from 12 to 250 feet in diameter and incorporate 32 different species of native perennial wildflowers and grasses. Look for shades of purple, yellow, red and white to slowly emerge in the large lawn area to the right as you enter Bernheim and approach the front entrance kiosk.