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Plant Propagation at Bernheim – draft

Bernheim’s mission regarding propagation is to provide plants for both the arboretum and the community. Propagation material comes from within the Arboretum and beyond our borders. In the nursery, we propagate from seed, cuttings, and grafting. Our main goal is to find plants that do well in North Central Kentucky and exhibit good habitat and ecological stewardship (ie. good for wildlife, no invasive tendencies).


The glasshouses at the Research Center are where most of our propagation takes place. Here we grow seed in the winter and spring and root cuttings in the spring through the fall. These four houses are all automated to provide the perfect growing conditions for our young plants. Automated heating and cooling help to control temperature, misters provide the right humidity, and fans and vents provide good air circulation that is key to good plant health.


Our propagation program is expanding as the nursery changes through the years. We look forward to more grafting and budding, more outdoor seed starting, and experimental methods for growing plants in the nursery sustainably.

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