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Bernheim Select

The trees listed here are those that Bernheim has selected that represent some of the best trees for urban landscapes such as yards and streetsides. This list includes a diversity of species that serve as functional and pleasing elements in the landscape and that are favorable to birds and other wildlife. Underused native tree species and trees of conservation concern are included and all are suitable for north Kentucky landscapes. Emphasis is given on trees appropriate for small spaces.


Environmental Benefit
• Trees improve air quality
• Trees reduce storm water runoff and erosion
• Trees modify local climate
• Trees create habitat and provide food and shelter for wildlife
• Tree planting contributes to the conservation of biodiversity
• Trees serve as screens and buffers

Economic Benefit
• Trees conserve energy
• Trees increase property values
• Trees are good for the economy

Social Benefit
• Trees make life more pleasant

Community Benefit
• Trees promote healthier communities
• Trees are a part of our natural and cultural heritage
• When you plant a tree you plant stories


Evaluating the site
• Space constraints
• Street tree requirements
• Utility lines (electric, gas, water, sewer, cable and telephone)
• Structures (homes, sidewalks and fences)
• Soil and drainage
• Exposure (sun and wind)

Choosing the right tree – consider:
• Function and landscape value
• Growth habit (form and size)
• Growth rate
• Culture (aspect, soil type and pH, drainage)
• Native range and habit
• Deciduous/evergreen
• Disease and insect resistance
• Hardiness zone
• Human activity