Free Resources

Virtual Discovery Station Videos

Our Volunteer Naturalists have created an engaging series of videos based on their much-loved presentations at ECO Kids Discovery Days (ECO stands for Every Child Outside) events. Learn how to find signs of beaver activity, what it’s like to be a beekeeper, how to garden for butterflies, birding with binoculars, and much more. We designed this resource to enhance your visit to Bernheim and included recommended locations along with each video, so we encourage you to don’t just watch the videos at home — let them be your on-site guide at Bernheim!


Explore Bernheim through Wood and Pixels, an interactive Minecraft world created by 2016 Artists in Residence, Adam Clarke and Victoria Bennett, known as The Common People. Included is a Minecraft educational edition with special features and additional learning materials, making it an excellent resource for teachers and students.


Learn about Bernheim’s conservation efforts and scientific research.

What is Horticulture?

Volunteers at Bernheim Forest

Bernheim boasts a long history of growing plants and creating beautiful landscapes.

Edible Garden

A sandwich from Isaac's cafe

Grow your own food — it’s just as fun as it is sustainable. Let our Edible Garden get your imagination going!

Teacher Training for Outdoor Learning

Volunteer naturalist at Bernheim Forest

These times call for teachers to learn new superpowers, like teaching outside and better incorporating nature into an already-demanding curriculum. Our team provides recommendations and resources based on your specific needs, including suggestions for content from our own online resources, suggested design concepts for outdoor learning spaces, or an on-site consultation at Bernheim. Contact Candice Holt to learn more.


In early 2021, Bernheim hosted a design competition for outdoor classrooms that attracted submissions from the U.S. and abroad. We’ve compiled them into a design guide, complete with budgets and constructions specifications. Find one that’s right for you!