Adult Education

Bernheim nurtures lifelong learners!

Nature-based education at Bernheim is for grown-ups, too. Here are some of our adult education offerings designed for enthusiastic amateur and professional audiences. Please see our calendar for specific event dates, times, and ticketing. If you see an event you like and don’t find it on the current calendar, email our staff to inquire.

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Professional Development for Landscape Architects

Our sessions are accredited for continuing education by the Kentucky branch of the American Society of Landscape Architects. Topics include the importance of forests in mitigating climate change, sustainable practices of the Edible Garden, and others. Non-landscape architects are welcome too!

Teacher Training

We collaborate with great partners like Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill and the Kentucky Association of Environmental Education to present accredited training on topics such as teaching climate change or using Aldo Leopold’s land philosophy in the classroom.

Savor the Season Educational Series

This fun, seasonally-focused series running through the year combines engaging virtual and in-person learning experiences with Bernheim staff and visiting instructors. Each series is designed to align with the special qualities of each season, including enjoying the abundance of fall, identifying trees in winter, making spring a time of renewal, practicing sustainability in the summer, etc.

Trail Discovery Hikes

Explore miles of Bernheim hiking trails with our Volunteer Naturalists at a low-key pace, learning lots about ecology, natural history, botany, folklore, geology, and other topics along the way.

Night Hikes

One of our most popular events, Night Hikes, covers a wide range of topics that let you explore Bernheim by the light of the moon and stars. From fireflies to eclipses to meteor showers to owls to the full moon, you’ll learn about and experience Bernheim under the mysterious cover of night.

Seasonal Nature Hikes

You never step on the same trail twice — at least not with our Volunteer Naturalists. Whatever time of year, you’ll always find something new and special.

Foraging Hikes and Workshops

The forest holds delicious delights, so experience it with our experts who can tell you what to pick and how to prepare it. These workshops sometimes include wild-sourced food and drink.

Wildflower Hikes

Bernheim has an extraordinary palette of wildflowers, each with a great story. Learn about wildflowers from botanical, cultural, and historical perspectives while enjoying a leisurely walk on one of our many trails.

Personalized Group Tours

Whether you’re part of a group of researchers or you’re an amateur enthusiast, we can create a tour specifically for your learning interests! Learn directly from Bernheim experts on the topic of your choice, and explore parts of Bernheim the public doesn’t typically see. Email Kristin, and we’ll set it up. We can also include box lunches and rental spaces.

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Personalized Teambuilding Workshops in Nature: Finding Yourself in Nature and Cultivating your Inner Naturalist

Nature has a wonderful equalizing effect that helps break down barriers. These workshops help us discover our most authentic selves through shared experiences in nature.

Birding Hikes

Usually offered in spring and summer, birding hikes offer beginning birders a great opportunity to get to know Bernheim’s diverse habitat of birds. We provide a birding kit on loan, including a guidebook, a Bernheim-specific birding guide, binoculars, and the incredible knowledge of our bird-centric Volunteer Naturalists.

Volunteer Naturalist Training

Bernheim’s award-winning Volunteer Naturalist program is an in-depth experience that is perfect for anyone who wants to combine their love of service to nature and to the community with lifelong learning

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Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG) Training

This annual certification program is led by Bernheim’s award-winning Interpretive Programs Manager Wren Smith. The National Association for Interpretation CIG training will help you find new ways to inspire others to care for and connect with our natural and cultural treasures. Training is offered once a year, typically in March. Contact Wren Smith to find out about the next scheduled training course at Bernheim.

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