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Honoring Our Roots This Week & Isaac’s Café Specials, November 7-11

Join us this Saturday for our 2nd annual Honoring our Roots in the Land daffodil planting celebration! Come nourish yourself with a bowl of root soup and hot cider. We will share our hopes and dreams for the coming year by planting a daffodil. Like the daffodil bulb, we need to use the cold months of […]

Hundreds of Acres Still Available to Explore During Wildlife Management at Bernheim

All visitors are reminded that from November 12-20, 2016 selected Bernheim trails will be closed for wildlife management, including all trails on Forest Hill Drive and the Millennium Trail.  There are still hundreds of acres for people to hike, bike and have fun outside during this eight day period.   We’d especially recommend enjoying our prized Holly collection, one […]

To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow: Isaac’s Café Specials, October 31-November 4

The late Audrey Hepburn once said, “to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” This thought came to mind as I led a tour of the Edible Garden this past Friday evening.  I love talking about what’s planted and what the garden has in store for us in the coming months.  Many were amazed […]

Bernheim Adds a New Plant Species, the Horned Bladderwort

Horned bladderwort (Utricularia gibba), a carnivorous aquatic plant, has been documented for the first time in Bernheim Forest. Growing on the Cedar Pond, just below the bridge, this tiny yellow flower is in full bloom on the surface of the water. This species is our first carnivorous plant to be found at Bernheim. The bladderworts have […]

The Garden Spider is Not So Spooky

In celebration of Halloween, many people decorate their homes with spiders and cobwebs to scare little children and some adults, but spiders are not something you should be afraid of.  Most spider species are not poisonous and are excellent insect predators: even better than birds. They remove many pesky insects from people’s yards and homes. […]

Bats of Bernheim

This article originally appeared in the fall 2016 issue of our quarterly newsletter, the forest echo. The silhouette of bats flying against the twilight sky has made impressions on humans for millennia. The history and habits of these flying mammals are steeped in myth and superstition, conjuring a range of feelings from fear to awe. […]

Don’t Miss An Evening at Isaac’s and our Café Specials, October 24-28

I hope you’ve saved some time on your busy schedule this weekend for a one of a kind program. This Friday evening, October 28 from 6-8 will be an Evening at Isaac’s Fall Garden Harvest Buffet and Cooking Demonstration. Isaac’s Café will be cooking up a fall feast starting with fried sage and butternut squash tarts […]

Easily Overlooked, The Rough Green Snake

Rough green snakes (Opheodrys aestivus) are beautiful slender, green snakes that are easily overlooked.  They are probably the most arboreal (most likely to live in trees) of the snakes found in our region, spending most of their time above ground hunting for spiders, insects, and other invertebrates.  When encountered they often freeze, relying on their […]